The following scenario is described in steps to illustrate the way E-Solution Professional products come together to create an eco-system that supports tire dealers.

A customer goes online to search for a tire dealer in their area. The local ezytire enabled dealer comes up and after browsing the site, they decide to visit the store.

Frame One

Using ezytire they can get the phone number of this tire dealer and make a call. Beginning a conversation with the dealer directly.

Frame Two

Not having the desired tires in stock the dealer then looks up the tires on TreadSearch, an online tire trading platform, to make an order.

Frame Three

TreadSearch then communicates with Connections Center which is a program that takes in various sources of data and delivers it as one standardized stream of information.

Frame Four

In this case the tire data comes from a wholesaler’s Tireweb site. The Tireweb site getting price and inventory directly from a company’s Point of Sale system.

Frame Five

The Connections Center can also give the tire dealer the ability to order wheels as well through the Wheel Unity system. This Wheel Unity system can also help a dealer easily find the wheels that fit the vehicle through an easy to use fitment system.

Frame Six

Should the tire dealer also have another source of tires they can upload a csv file using Tire Data Connect and have those tires available on Treadsearch as well.

Frame Seven

Everything that goes through the Connections Center has the assistance of the Tirelibrary system that provides extra details and images of each product.

Frame Eight

All of this comes together to help a tire dealer deliver tires to customers and increase their sales.

Frame Nine

An example of the evolving ecosystem of E-Solution Professionals is the new Specifications Sheet project that matches Tire Library data with Treadsearch to provide new specification sheets. SpecSheets