A B2B online ordering system for wheels

Wheelweb is focused on the business of wheels, allowing customers to search inventory and view wheels. (Under development.)

Wheelweb is a B2B online ordering system for wheels. Using Tireweb for inspiration, Wheelweb is focused on the business of wheels. Your customers can search your inventory and view wheels. Wheelweb gives you the ability to produce attractive ‘sell sheets’, create customized quotations and track all your sales. As with all ESP products, you receive a complete training program for your staff. Businesses using Wheelweb have access to:

Pricing and Availability Information

Your retailers enjoy an easy way to research information about your wheels and obtain pricing information. By providing online access, you reduce the amount of time you spend managing price lists, updating inventories and taking phone calls.

Wheel Data - under development

The Wheelweb database contains detailed specifications about each wheel along with photographic images. Wheelweb generates attractive customer ‘sell sheets’ giving complete information about a specific wheel and reducing the need to print catalogues and fax pictures.

Customized Quotation System

Each of your retailers has the ability to style their own quotes and personalize them with logos and location information. They can also set their own markups on a wheel along with installation costs so the retail customer receives a thorough and professional quotation.

Online Ordering

Our sophisticated online ordering system allows your clients to lodge and manage their own orders. Wheelweb integrates with your accounting system reducing the need for you to enter each order and improving the accuracy of orders in the process.


Detailed reports and analytical information is supplied so you have the business intelligence to track sales, order history and determine how often people are searching for a specific wheel.

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