Online ordering for tire sub-wholesalers

Treadmart offers a convenient online ordering service for businesses outside the retailer environment.

Developed with the sub-wholesaler in mind, Treadmart offers a convenient online ordering service for businesses working outside the retail environment. Working in conjunction with Tireweb distributors, each of your customers enjoys the ability to view inventory and pricing information. Strictly a business-to-business application, Treadmart was designed to improve sales opportunities between wholesalers and tire retailers.

Treadmart provides benefits for both the sub-wholesaler and your customer:

For You
  • You have an online ordering service
  • You can give each of your customers secure access to view tire inventory
  • You design and customize your own home page
  • Easy to operate, easy to maintain
For Your Customer
  • Your customers set their own markups
  • They display tire inventory on their website
  • Allows your customers to view tire inventory and pricing information
  • Gives your customer the ability to find out information without having to contact you

The Treadmart product from ESP trades on the wealth of information and industry knowledge we’ve accumulated from years of running our own tire stores and developing software for tire retailers. Now we’ve brought that expertise to help tire sub-wholesalers sell more tires and reduce the amount of time spent answering routine questions.

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