An electronic toolbox for your business

Tirewire provides a collection of tools to help your business, such as a service bay manager and an address book.

Tirewire gives you easy access to Ezytire, Treadmart, and Tirelibrary in a central point allowing you to customize and administer all your ESP products. From a single website, you define how you want your products to look and behave. This central point of reference alleviates duplication of effort across multiple products and reduces time and money spent on administrative tasks.

From a single place, you can manage your settings and administration activity for all ESP products. In addition, you can use Tirewire to subscribe and manage your subscriptions for Ezytire, Treadmart and Tirelibrary including:

Connection centre

The connection centre is a powerful tool allowing you to integrate with third party suppliers and partners. By using connection centre, you can make data from these partners available to other parties or ESP products.

Markups - coming soon

Determine markups and set them across all ESP products from one single point.

Themes and Artwork

You can customize ESP products to support your corporate branding and seasonal theming.

Contacts and Reminders - coming soon

Our convenient customer contact system allows you to mail, email, fax, SMS or use social media networks to stay in touch with your customers.

Ezytire settings

Modify and enhance your Ezytire website from the same central point used to manage your other ESP products.

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If you would like to speak directly with one of our team, please call our toll-free number (855) EZY-TIRE on the extensions:

Product Sales and Support Extension    Extension 
Connections Center Tom Hein ext. 7016    
Ezytire Rob Rupert call 212-634-4846    
Tire Controller Tom Hein ext. 7016    
Tirelibrary Sheila Waters ext. 7012    
Tireweb Sheila Waters ext. 7012    
Treadmart Rob Rupert call 212-634-4846    
Treadsearch Tom Hein ext. 7016    
Wheelweb Sheila Waters ext. 7012    
Support/Technical Harry Dente ext. 7013    
Accounts Receivable Billie Arrington ext. 702    
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  • Office: (612) 605-7577