The world’s biggest repository of tire information

Tirelibrary is an extensive database containing images, specifications, and information.

Using Tireweb as an engine, Tirelibrary is a database containing tire images and information on over 150 makes, 6,000 models, and more than 25,000 product images for searching and browsing. Tire retailers access Tirelibrary directly to provide information for quotes, answer customer questions or research inventory. Additionally, Tirelibrary supplies information for e-commerce websites for tire retailers.

Tirelibrary is the biggest repository of tire information in the world for tire data and images. In addition to Tireweb, Tirelibrary images are displayed on Ezytire and treadmart providing tight integration with other ESP products.

Detailed information about every tire

Every tire stored in Tirelibrary is given a distinct product code. The information for each code includes:

  • Tire description
  • Tire size
  • Features and Benefits of the tire
  • Manufacturing specifications including:
    • Load rating
    • Speed rating
    • Sidewall
    • Ply
    • UTQG
    • Load capacity
    • Maximum inflation
    • Warranty
  • Other sizes available in a similar pattern
  • Photographic images

Every tire on Tirelibrary includes a photograph and, where possible, a 360-degree, high-resolution image. Our specialized equipment is set up in tire warehouses throughout the USA using a turntable system to capture every angle of the tire.

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Exhaustive effort to compile tire information

The Tirelibrary products benefit from a staff of full-time employees dedicated to data collection and photography. Our employees collate, manage and update Tirelibrary every day. What does this mean for you? You don’t need to worry about your data getting old. We’ve eliminated the laborious effort required to maintain databases and tire information.

Two ways to access Tirelibrary
  • Tirelibrary Subscription Service — Perfect for tire retailers, tire distributors, tire wholesalers, and tire manufacturers, our subscription service allows you to browse and search our exhaustive database.
  • Tirelibrary Web Service — Designed for website designers and developers, our tire data and images are available for third party website and software integration.

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