About Us

We develop e-commerce applications for the tire industry

Everything we do is aimed at helping tire retailers, tire distributors and tire manufacturers to have the information they need at their fingertips and packaged in a way that’s attractive to the consumer.

Our People

First and foremost, we’re tire people. Nearly every employee and all the owners of E-Solution Professionals (ESP) have extensive retail tire experience. Established in 2001, ESP was founded by two tire people with a combined 50 years of tire experience. We’re not a software company working in the tire industry. We’re a tire company developing software used every single day throughout the USA and Canada.

Our Clients

We specialize in products for the tire industry. As a result, all our clients are tire and/or wheel distributors, retail chains and tire manufacturers. ESP products are widely used throughout the USA and Canada.

In the following video Rob Rupert, President of ESP, describes how our products help clients to reduce costs and increase sales and profits.


Our 20 servers are distributed between two secure data centers. Because we have dedicated machines exclusively for ESP, you can expect the highest level of security, privacy and data integrity. Our data centers are intentionally located in two separate geographies — one in Dallas, another in Atlanta — to assist with availability and disaster recovery issues.

Research and Development

ESP continually makes significant investments in research and development for new products. Because our focus is dedicated to the tire industry, we’re acutely aware of how our software is being used. We owe our clients a great deal of credit in our R&D efforts. Often a client’s suggestion or request puts us on the path to a new product, a major enhancement, or a new way of deploying the information contained in our massive Tireweb databases.

Commitment to Detail

Because we want to provide the most comprehensive tire information available, we’ve invested in a specialized photographic studio to capture 360-degree images of most tires. While it’s literally a never-ending job, we currently have nearly 25,000 images of tires and add more every day. It’s just an example of the lengths we go to ensure our clients are getting everything they need to help market and sell tires and tire accessories.

Talk to us…

If you would like to speak directly with one of our team, please call our toll-free number (855) EZY-TIRE on the extensions:

Product Sales and Support Extension    Extension 
Connections Center Tom Hein ext. 7016    
Ezytire Rob Rupert call 212-634-4846    
Tire Controller Tom Hein ext. 7016    
Tirelibrary Sheila Waters ext. 7012    
Tireweb Sheila Waters ext. 7012    
Treadmart Rob Rupert call 212-634-4846    
Treadsearch Tom Hein ext. 7016    
Wheelweb Sheila Waters ext. 7012    
Support/Technical Harry Dente ext. 7013    
Accounts Receivable Billie Arrington ext. 702    
  • Toll Free: (855) 399-8473
  • Office: (612) 605-7577